Who we are

BASPARSAZAN IRANIAN Company (PJSC), produces resin-based flooring material, such as epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring, and MMA flooring; and markets them for different application fields. This company operates under the brand name "BASA Polymer" and in addition to production, offers technical advice in designing floor protection systems and monitoring services on job sites.


The story of BASA Polymer

In 2010, during a visit to a pharmaceutical factory in Tehran, Iran, Mohammad Ronagh, who was a graduate student in polymer engineering at the time, noticed blisters on the epoxy floor of the factory's production hall.
The technical managers of the factory and the flooring contractor seemed not to have any idea of the reasons causing this serious problem, which calls into question the health requirements of the drug production. A problem that had a clear and preventable reason for Mohammad Ronagh. The solution to this problem was announced to the factory manager during the visit.
The study of epoxy flooring market in Iran showed the lack of technical information and lack of training required in the production of products, their installation, as well as its utilization by the customer, and sparked the idea of starting a business with a specialized approach and mission to improve public knowledge in The field of resin flooring and offering quality products in compliance with international regulations to become in line with the global market.
The core team of BASA Polymer was formed by joining Pardis Rostamzadeh, another graduate of Polymer Engineering later in 2011. BASA Polymer succeeded to receive a certification of nanoscale product from Iran Nano Initiative Council (INIC) in 2012 and got accepted as a startup in Polymer Incubator Center acceleration program.
In 2015, BASA Polymer succeeded in receiving knowledge-based approval for its anti-wear resin and antistatic resin flooring products. Today, the young BASA Polymer team, consisting of experts in the fields of technology, marketing, and management, seeks to develop a portfolio of specialized products, customer satisfaction and continues to grow with strength and motivation.


What can you expect from BASA Polymer?


BASA Polymer Quality:

BASA Polymer products are designed and produced based on the latest knowledge in the world and using the experiences of prominent European companies. With the establishment of ISO9001: 2015 quality management system, BASA Polymer has tried to provide a high level of quality in its products and services to customers.


BASA Polymer Experience:

We specialize in our profession. Relying on its many years of experience and the support of leading European companies, BASA Polymer is committed to developing new, innovative, and practical products in today's market. In addition to producing flooring products, BASA Polymer also understands the problems and challenges that users face.


BASA Polymer's Innovation and Technology:

With continuous investment in R&D, relying on advanced engineering and chemical sciences and up-to-date knowledge, BASA Polymer takes steps to meet the industrial needs of customers; and works to solve the problems of contractors and end-users by designing new solutions and products formulations.


BASA Polymer Integrity:

We believe that the key to a manufacturer's success depends on direct and honest communication with customers. BASA Polymer believes in its products and stays with the customer.


Our team:


 CEO BASAPolymer

Er. Pardis Rostamzadeh

Co-founder & CEO

 Business development Management BASAPolymer

Dr. Mohammad Ronagh

Business Development Manager


Quality Assurance Specialist BASAPolymer

Ali Keshavarz

Quality Assurance Specialist

 HR BASAPolymer

Mahdie Hatami

HR. Expert


qc expert| BasaPolymer

Shohre Abediha

QC. Expert

 R&D Expert BASAPolymer

Ziba Hasanabadi

R&D. Expert


SEO Expert BASAPolymer

Fatemeh Khadivi

SEO Expert

 Export EXpert BASAPolymer

MohammadReza Khamseh

Export Expert


senior sales specialist basa polymer

Babak Nikbakht

Senior Sales Specialist

 sales expert BASAPolymer

Fereshteh Rouhi

Sales Expert



 Production Supervisor BASAPolymer

Kambiz Jahani

Production Supervisor

Accountants BASA Polymer

Zhinoo Irani