BASA Academy

BASA Academy

About Basa Academy

With the increasing consumption of different types of resin floorings, the need for proper recognition of these products among customers, executors, contractors, and manufacturers is felt more than ever. Accordingly, Basa Polymer has set up Basa
Academy with the aim of increasing public and specialized awareness in this field.

Basa Academy Goals:

Promoting general and specialized knowledge in the field of polymer coatings
Introducing the role and advantages of different types of resin flooring and protective coatings for buildings
Helping to improve the quality of resin flooring by increasing awareness of the principles of design, formulation, quality control, use, and maintenance of resin flooring
Updating information and holding specialized meetings on the latest technologies and achievements in the field of resin flooring
Basa Academy Training Courses
In recent months, many people interested in employment and entrepreneurship in the field of interior decoration of homes and commercial spaces and offices, have attracted the attention of a new generation of decorative coatings tailored to interior design for residential and commercial environments. These special flooring products are a new class of epoxy flooring known as three-dimensional and metallic flooring.
 The possibility of installing three-dimensional and metallic epoxy flooring on a variety of concrete, stone, mosaic and ceramic surfaces has led to a significant reduction in cost and, repair and interior decoration projects. Variety of designs and colors, reasonable prices, and simple and quick installation of 3D flooring are other factors that increase the attention to these products. Accordingly, one of the main programs of the academy is to hold training courses, entrepreneurship, and workshops related to this field to teach the installation of resin flooring, especially 3D flooring, metallic flooring, and other types of decorative flooring.