Epoxy Flooring Price | Flooring Costs Estimation

Epoxy Flooring Price | Flooring Costs Estimation
Epoxy Flooring Price | Flooring Costs Estimation

The flooring material has a great impact on the look and interior design of the building. Not only it has to fit the style and makes the place comfortable, but also must be strong enough to withstand the expected traffic in that building. One of the most important factors in choosing the flooring material is the price of the flooring and the budget intended for it.

But what factors determine the price of flooring?
 In this article information regarding epoxy flooring price, flooring installation costs, and factors influencing the price are provided.

Epoxy Flooring Price

Epoxy Flooring price is determined based on the type of the flooring material, flooring area, installation costs both in terms of tools and equipment and labor, etc.

Among different types of flooring material, the price of resin-based flooring systems (epoxy, polyurethane, and MMA flooring) and the factors affecting it are examined.

Material consumption (Epoxy, polyurethane, methyl methacrylate, or MMA), final flooring design and pattern, and resin flooring thickness are the most important factors that determine the price of a resin flooring system.

Epoxy Flooring Costs Estimation

Epoxy Flooring Costs Estimation: As it was mentioned earlier, the following are the main factors determining resin-based flooring price:

Resin Flooring Type or Its Chemical Structure

Resins used in resin-based flooring mainly include polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, polyurea, and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). The main difference between them is their chemical structure that defines the final properties of the floor and its curing speed.

Epoxy flooring, meanwhile, is more popular in the construction industry because of its excellent mechanical properties, excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces, and its lower price.

Polyurethane flooring is recommended where higher flexibility or resistance to ultraviolet radiation is required.

In cases where a very high curing speed is required, polyurea flooring and MMA flooring are used.

Each resin base has its unique and specialized properties. Although the variety of products in each category is very high, in general, the price of epoxy flooring can be estimated based on the type of resin used, in order of price increase as follows:


The Design of the Flooring

Another factor influencing the Epoxy Flooring price is its design. You can order your epoxy floor with different looks including:

           Solid colors;

           Color flake Design;

           Metallic epoxy Flooring,

           Stone Carpets; 

           3D Epoxy Flooring; and so on.

Depending on the final application of the place we suggest different designs of the above list. For example, using solid color epoxy flooring is very common in pharmaceutical companies and cleanrooms that complying with hygienic regulations are mandatory. Or using metallic epoxy flooring designs in showrooms make the place look special and attractive to the customers.

The design complexity and the number of material layers required to create the requested design affect the price of the flooring.

The Thickness of Resin Flooring

Another important issue in determining the Epoxy Flooring price (the price of epoxy flooring) is its thickness. The thickness of epoxy flooring and other types of resin flooring is determined based on the end-use of the flooring and the substrate conditions. Sometimes the substrate demands proper repair before the installation of the resin flooring. Therefore, you have to use a special material for that purpose which in total increases the price.

Resin flooring is classified based on the thickness of the flooring into different categories from floor sealings with a thickness of a few hundred microns to floorings that can stand heavy use and pose a few millimeters thickness.

Certainly, increasing the thickness of the floor will increase the consumption of the material and consequently the price of the floor. Therefore, it is important to make a proper assessment of the flooring conditions when choosing resin flooring and to determine the thickness of the flooring based on the needs of the place and not more than the need.

Epoxy Flooring Area

The larger the flooring surface area, the lower the cost of epoxy flooring installation per square meter. Costs such as equipment transfer, transportation of executive staff, and supervising engineers are necessary no matter how many square meters of the flooring is being installed. In fact, by increasing the area the overhead would decrease and that’s why we always suggest making the installation in one round.

Quality of the Flooring Material

One of the most important factors influencing the Epoxy Flooring price is the quality of raw materials used.

Using low-quality raw material, adding excessive fillers into the formulation to reduce the price of epoxy materials, and using less material than what you have agrees on during the installation are ways to keeping the prices low and will certainly reduce the quality of the flooring. In these cases, the only way to gain confidence is to choose a reliable supplier and contractor. It is recommended to ask the supplier directly for detailed information on the material used on the Jobsite, 3rd party test reports of the products, and checking their former projects.

BASA polymer products are designed and produced based on the latest knowledge in the coating industry and using the experiences of prominent leading companies in this industry. With the establishment of the ISO9001:2015 quality management system, BASA polymer has tried to provide a high level of quality in its products and services to customers. We prepare a test report upon each order so that you can check the specifications of the produced products with their technical datasheets. We offer user manuals and free consultancies for those who will install the material on their own.

In case you need information about the right material for your project, we suggest that you contact the technical experts of BASA polymer Company to inquire about the latest price of epoxy resin flooring.

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