Epoxy Flooring Colors

Epoxy Flooring Colors
Epoxy Flooring Colors

When choosing a flooring, how much attention do you pay to the color and color combination of the resin flooring? Why is it important to choose the right color for resin flooring? Which colors are available when choosing epoxy floorings? What are the most popular epoxy floor paints? What color is the best epoxy paint for the garage floor?
In this article, all these questions about Epoxy Flooring Colors have been answered.


How to choose a floor color

When choosing the color and design of the floor, always try to consider the needs of final application, because not every beauty choice necessarily works well.
In flour factories, for example, light colors such as beige and cream are sensible choices because, in addition to showing floor contaminants, they create visual error by making flours spilled on the floor less noticeable.
What color is the best epoxy paint for the garage floor? The use of different shades of gray in the parking lot floor largely covers the traces of tire marks.
One of the important factors when choosing an epoxy floor color is to pay attention to the ambient light. Using bright colors, in addition to making the place brighter would help the users to see more clearly, the environment is also shown larger. Remember, the flooring color would look different under different shades of light. For example, the use of lamps with different lights (white tungsten or yellow light) and sunlight has a significant effect on the color of the selected floor.
Another important factor in choosing the color of epoxy flooring, is the color of the walls and the arrangement of furniture, shelves and machines, laboratory and industrial equipment.


Which colors are available for epoxy flooring?

It is possible to produce different shades and colors of epoxy flooring for the customer. But some colors are used more frequently because of considerations explained above. Let’s review some common and popular colors in the epoxy flooring industry!

White epoxy floor

Glossy or semi-matt white epoxy flooring is always a popular choice for architects and interior designers. Their light color makes the space bigger and brighter, and the designer is free to combine this color with other colors. By displaying cleanliness and radiance, it easily conveys a sense of calm to the viewer. The white  epoxy flooring Color is also a very popular choice for modern interior designs.



white epoxy floor



But note that on white epoxy flooring, stains and scratches are easily visible on this flooring surface, and over time, its color tends to turn yellow if it is under UV exposure (UV lights or sunlight). Using white epoxy flooring is like wearing white pants. To keep your pants always clean, you should wear a durable coat. Therefore, it is necessary to use a wear-resistant coating and scratches. We always recommend applying a clear epoxy or PU top coat on white or bright colors of epoxy flooring at the end.

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Dark colors

If we use glossy dark colors in the design of the floor, they act just like a mirror. The dark floor reflects the image of the elements in space and the movement of people and gives a beautiful effect to the environment.



dark colors epoxy floor


But you should note that dust is more visible on these floors. Therefore, using them in environments with high traffic (corridors, entrances, and stairs) is not a good choice.



Gray is the first choice for flooring due to its wide range and high variety. Gray is a neutral color that in addition to having the properties of white and dark colors, increases concentration and removes stress from the workspace. By combining this color with other colors, the desired features of the customer can be added to the space. Also, on gray floors, scratches and dust are less visible.



gray epoxy floors



What colors does epoxy flooring come in?

Selection, design, and production of paint for resin flooring are according to the RAL K7 system.





Usually, in the color selection process, the flooring company provides the customer with a catalog of colors, suggestions, and necessary consultations, so that in the end, the best color is selected according to the use of the floor and the customer's taste.

The color of the flooring is slightly different from the colors of the catalog due to the difference in ambient light. Keep in mind when using the same color code of epoxy flooring from different production numbers, they may have a slight difference. So in case of applying the top coat please note to use material from the same batch numbers to prevent any possible problem.

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