Epoxy Flooring for Car Parks

Epoxy Flooring for Car Parks
Epoxy Flooring for Car Parks

Epoxy Flooring for Car Parks: Car parks are a part of the building where all the elements of the structure are exposed. These structures face unique challenges, from heavy traffic to chemical spills from vehicles and thermal stresses from changing seasons. One of the most important aspects of engineering the design of parking lots is choosing a suitable parking lot floor. But what are the requirements of  in commercial centers, and what kind of flooring is suitable for parking lot flooring?

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring for Car Parks:

•Car Parks Epoxy Flooring are highly resistant to acids and bases
•High abrasion resistance of car park floor 
•High adhesion of epoxy parking flooring to the substrates
•Epoxy parking flooring is sealed and impermeable
•High color variation of epoxy parking flooring
•Resistance of epoxy parking flooring against gasoline, engine oil, etc.
•Durability and abrasion resistance of the parking lot floor
•Excellent adhesion of epoxy parking floor to concrete and all types of surfaces
•Possibility of designing and marking traffic signs
•Easy to wash and clean the parking flooring due to its sealing and impermeability

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Comparison of, Car park epoxy flooring with concrete floor

Using epoxy coatings (Car park epoxy flooring) as the car parking flooring material has become very popular due to various reasons. They have replaced traditional flooring material such as concrete, ceramic, cement, stone, etc. In this section, we have compared Car Parks Epoxy Flooring to the concrete flooring:


Comparison of epoxy flooring car park design with traditional flooring


car parking flooring material makes little noise due to vehicle movement.
The thickness of epoxy flooring is much less than traditional flooring, and it weighs very light, so the overall weight of the building is also controlled.
(Variety in design and color of epoxy flooring  (epoxy flooring car park design
Resistance of epoxy resin parking flooring to chemicals and spills of gasoline or other liquids from cars
Epoxy parking flooring can be installed on all types of concrete surfaces (also can be used on ramps)
Proper installation of epoxy flooring prevents concrete wear and will have a very long service life.
Also, compared to colored concrete (which gets dusty and difficult to clean), epoxy parking flooring is durable, dust-free, and easy to clean.
Epoxy flooring, compared to colored concrete, which has a lot of cracking and needs to be sealed, is crack-free and does not need to be sealed.
Installing epoxy flooring in the parking lot, especially in large areas, is much faster and easier than other types of flooring.


Price of epoxy parking flooring

The price of epoxy parking flooring is much lower than traditional flooring due to its long service life, maintenance costs, consumption, and project size. The issue is not just the initial purchase price of epoxy flooring. Due to the durability and longevity of this product, the cost of repairing and maintaining epoxy flooring during its service life is also economical.
Since the service life of concrete increases after installing epoxy parking flooring, the cost of maintenance and cleaning of Epoxy Flooring for Car Parks is much lower than concrete. High light reflection of these flooring reduces the need for additional lighting and thus reduces the electricity cost. In comparison between epoxy parking lot flooring and traditional flooring, epoxy flooring; will cost less in the long run.
The price of epoxy parking flooring depends on the area and volume of materials used. For detailed information on the cost of installing epoxy parking flooring, you can contact BASA POLYMER.



  • Date of Release:7/20/2022
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