epoxy garage floor

epoxy garage floor
epoxy garage floor

Garage floors face challenges such as heavy traffic, leaking chemicals from cars, and temperature changes due to the change of seasons. These all can lead to a high cost of repair and maintenance of the flooring material. The best garage floor covering is epoxy floor coating systems. They are two or three-component products that are combined in liquid form and then applied on the prepared substrate (concrete, stone, mosaic, old epoxy flooring) in different layers. The combination and thickness of layers are determined based on the final application.
But What are the benefits of using epoxy floor coatings for garage floors?


Epoxy garage floor properties

Protect the concrete floor of the garage

Most garages and multi-story car parks have concrete floors. If the concrete is not protected, it will not only be eroded due to the traffic of vehicles but also its surface would be polluted due to the penetration of leaking liquids from vehicles.
In addition, in winter, as the temperature decreases below 4 ° C, water penetrated deep into the concrete would expand, exerting pressure on the concrete structure, leading to its failure.
By covering the concrete surface with resin-based flooring (Epoxy flooring material) The concrete surface is sealed and resistant to liquid penetration.
Also, epoxy garage flooring protects concrete against abrasion and thermal shocks and prevents the destruction and erosion of concrete.

Create a clean and beautiful space 

One of the important points in designing multi-story car parks and garages is the need to use traffic signs and determine the permissible limits of car parks or to specify private parking spaces.
By using epoxy flooring, due to the possibility of using different colors on the floor surface and the possibility of marking and designing the floor, it is easy to provide a space that fits the standard design of the garage and parking lot.

Epoxy Flooring Price


Easy cleaning garage flooring:

One of the important points in creating a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere is to maintain the order and cleanliness of the environment.
Using resin flooring, the concrete of the garage floor will be sealed, and as a result, leaking liquids from the car will not penetrate it.
Therefore, by implementing a proper cleaning program and using appropriate equipment, clean space can be provided in the garage.

Garage safety

The roughness of the floor and its proper slope, especially in the ramps connecting the floors, are key points in multi-story car parks.
This can be achieved by using anti-slip resin floors suitable for parking ramps.

 Low maintenance costs of garage Epoxy Floor:

Repair and maintenance costs in garages and parking lots are included: 
The cost of cleaning the floor,
Cost of equipment and detergents required
Cost of possible floor repairs during service time
The cost of re-marking and creating tips
As mentioned, cleaning parking resin-based floors is very simple and inexpensive due to its impenetrability.
In addition, in the event of accidents or incidents that lead to minor damage to the floor surface, epoxy flooring can be repaired easily and at a low cost.
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  • Date of Release:1/25/2022
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