Flame retardant topcoat for basapolymer resin flooring

Flame retardant topcoat for basapolymer resin flooring
Flame retardant topcoat for basapolymer resin flooring

Increasing the flame resistance of hospital floors by using BASADUR® E401 protective varnish, a flame retardant top coat of basapolymer resin flooring
BASADUR® E401 protective varnish, a two-component basapolymer transparent varnish based on epoxy resin, is used as the final layer of the resin flooring system.
After completing the ambient curing reaction, this product protects the flooring system from the direct flame by creating transverse connections while creating hardness and high abrasion resistance, with high flame resistance.
Based on the results of the ASTM D3806 fire retardant paint standard test, the flooring system with BASADUR® E401 protective layer exposed to direct flame resisted the flame after 129 seconds and then emitted light smoke and continued to flame during the flame test. It didn't happen. Meanwhile, after 62 seconds of resistance to direct flame, the sample without protective varnish started emitting heavy smoke and then burst into flames.

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Also, the PVC flooring sample started to emit smoke after about 58 seconds of flame resistance and ignited and caught fire after 85 seconds.



(The example on the right is covered with Besapolymer flame retardant product
The sample on the left is not applied varnish)

Basepolymer flame retardant epoxy floor coating is also highly resistant to scratches and scratches caused by traffic, wheeled vehicles, etc. One of the primary uses of this product is to use it as hospital flooring, considering the increase in building safety and creating desirable health properties.
So far, Besapolymer hospital floors have been produced and used for many public and private hospitals such as Kermanshah Martyrs Hospital, Atiyeh Hamedan Hospital, Firouzabadi Hospital, Shahid Akbarabadi Hospital, Shahid Beheshti Hospital Shiraz, Dr. Soheri Malayer Hospital, Tehran Hospital, etc.

  • Date of Release:11/22/2022
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