A clean room is a space in a sensitive product line, such as a pharmaceutical production line, where the concentration of airborne particles is controlled strictly. In this room, other related parameters such as temperature, humidity and air pressure are also controlled. Clean rooms are classified into several categories based on the degree of cleanliness required at the stage of production in which the room is used.

Clean Room Flooring

One of the basic things in achieving the legal requirements of a clean room is to follow the tips when building and equipping it. For example, all spaces in which particles and dust can accumulate should be removed. For example, the use of tiles, ceramics, mosaics and stones on the floor and walls of a clean room is not suggested, because the seams between them provide a place for the accumulation of dust and the growth of microorganisms. It is recommended that the floors of clean rooms be covered with seamless resin floors. Because not only do they have no seams, but due to their very high abrasion resistance, they do not emit dust. Also, their very high chemical resistance allows the use of disinfectants.
Due to the importance of protecting the environment of clean rooms from the presence of microorganisms, BASA Polymer has tried to take an effective step in the direction of customer needs by providing hygienic and antibacterial resin floors. These floorings have the certificate of bacterial growth test from Iran Pasteur Institute and skin irritation test from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences.