Dairy Factories Flooring: Based on the working condition of the floor in a dairy factory, its specifications can be listed as follows:

• The floor surface must be clean and hygienic and be easily and completely degreased.
• The flooring must be resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
• The floor must have high compressive and flexural strength and be resistant to heavy loads and abrasion.
• The final layer applied to the surface should be non-slip in both dry and wet conditions and create a safe environment for the staff and vehicle traffic.
• The final layer of the surface must be resistant to bacterial growth.
In order to protect concrete surfaces and achieve the mentioned characteristics, BASA Polymer recommends resin flooring based on methyl methacrylate resins, especially for use in the dairy industry. These floors are liquid, which after installation creates an integrated and durable surface that will protect the concrete substrate.

Features of BASA Polymer dairy resin flooring

• Very fast curing and installation
• Integrated and seamless
• Impermeable and sealing
• Excellent acid resistance
• Safe and slip resistant
• High adhesion strength and impact resistance