Choosing concrete as the flooring material in many industrial plants around the world is common. Unfortunately, in many cases, during the construction, not enough attention is paid to the design and construction of factory floors based on its end use type, and as a result, the floor suffers from various problems during operation. These problems include concrete failure, cracking, surface roughness and the formation of a lot of dust in the environment due to surface wear, which limits the use of the floor applicant.

Factory Production Hall Flooring

BASA Polymer tries to solve these problems by providing seamless, resin-based, industrial flooring systems for various applications. These systems are installed in different layers (depending on the type of the end application) on site. Also, the possibility of installation on concrete, stone, mosaic, and ceramic surfaces is another feature of these floors. Other features of the BASA Polymer industrial flooring system include the following:
High abrasion resistance
High durability and usability
Ability to seal the surface and not create dust
Available in a wide range of colors
Easy maintenance and cleaning
Low maintenance costs and affordable
Quick and easy installation
Integrity and no seams