Food and Beverage Production Factory Flooring:Different sections of food and beverage factories (production, packaging, warehousing) have different requirements in terms of choosing the appropriate flooring. In addition to practical and legal requirements (ISO 22000, IFS, FDA), the floor must meet the following requirements:

The floor should be seamless.

 epoxy flooring for food industry

The floor surface should be non-absorbent: The floor surface should not be porous. The flooring should be 100% sealed and suitable for daily washing. Oils, acids, fats, and other materials related to the food industry should not be absorbed by the floor; and the flooring should have good chemical resistance to the use of disinfectants.
Easy to clean: In food and beverage factories, the floor of the halls may need to be cleaned several times a day. The floor surface should be easy to clean. The floor-to-wall connection must be integrated to prevent the accumulation of contaminants in these areas.
High traffic load bearing and suitable chemical resistance: Daily working activities in food and beverage factories are very high. The flooring must be able to withstand heavy traffic caused by the load of forklift trucks. Due to the use of different chemicals, the floor surface must have good chemical resistance (Anti-acid Resin Flooring) when getting contact with these materials.  Also, the slipperiness of the floor surface should not pose a danger to employees.