Warehouse Flooring: The flooring used in warehouses must have high mechanical strength to be able to withstand the loads applied to the surface due to storage of materials and equipment as well as the movement of transport machinery in the warehouse environment. In addition, in some warehouses where health and food materials and products are stored, environmental hygiene is very important. In these warehouses, in addition to the strength and durability of the floor, the absence of accumulation of pollution, the absence of dust in the environment and the simplicity of cleaning the floor are other features of the floor required.

industrial warehouse epoxy flooring

In order to choose the right flooring for small warehouses, it is necessary to consider the following points:
Easy installation and maintenance
Durability and longevity
Good abrasion and chemical resistance
Slip resistance
light reflection
BASA Polymer resin floorings for use in warehouses are integrated and has a high mechanical strength. They are easy to clean and maintain. High wear resistance and high mechanical strength, durability and long life are other important features.

What are the reasons for using resin flooring in industrial warehouses?

Dust: One of the most important reasons for covering concrete surfaces with resin flooring, especially in warehouses, is to reduce the effect of dust. Dust is caused by the performance of the packaging, moving pallets and airborne dust. One of the main sources of dust can be eliminated by covering concrete and creating a suitable floor in warehouses.
Aesthetic: One of the factors that make the use of resin flooring in warehouses remarkable is the color and freshness of the environment for the people working there. Clean and shiny surfaces have a significant effect on employee morale, give a sense of customer confidence and create a pleasant work environment compared to a dull and dirty concrete work environment.
Ease of cleaning: By applying resin flooring on the concrete surface, the concrete surface is protected against abrasion and dust and cleaning is done faster. It also creates a dry and safe surface and reduces the cost of cleaning, sweeping and washing.
Abrasion protection: Warehouse resin floors are more durable than concrete surfaces. Epoxy resin flooring can protect the concrete surface and due to the high abrasion resistance of these floors, there will be no problems due to surface degradation.