Marine Industry: BASA Polymer offers resin-based flooring products designed to protect the substrate and increase the efficiency of the process being performed in the working area. Its product portfolio includes a variety of resin-based flooring material including epoxy, polyurethane, and methyl methacrylate resins. Utilizing the most up-to-date technologies of the coating industry along with nanotechnology has made it possible to use these products even in challenging environments such as marine industries.

Where to use Marine resin Flooring?

Ship decks and offshore platforms
Kitchens, restaurants, and decorative areas of ships
Loading platforms in coastal areas
Loading and unloading warehouses
Special crossing routes at the pier

The benefits of Resin Floorings

Weathering resistance in coastal and marine areas
Excellent abrasion resistance
Strong and durable
Fast installation 
Flexible and tough
Chemically resistant
Resistant to flame spread
Strong adhesion to metal and concrete surfaces

Types of Resin Flooring Design for marine industry

Flake design 
Quartz design
Textured design