commercial office flooring: Although the floor may draw your attention less, but it doesn’t mean that it is not important. Improper flooring not only creates an inadequate image for the business, it can, by attracting pollutants, cause long-term risks to employees and lead to high costs for maintenance and repair. BASA Polymer decorative flooring systems, designed for office and commercial spaces can turn almost any substrate into a beautifully finished surface and can keep the underlayment from premature wear and surface damage.
In office and commercial spaces, interior design and decoration are very important. BASA Polymer decorative flooring systems offer high quality flooring with design capability, which not only act as a high-performance flooring, but can also have a profound effect on the overall design of the office or commercial building.

best commercial epoxy floor coating

-         Seamless and hygienic;
- Waterproof and non-absorbent;
- Variety in designs and colors;
- Anti-Slip and safe; and 
- Wear and impact resistant.