When talking about infection control and maintaining good hygiene one of the most important parts of a hospital is its operating room.

Operating Room Flooring

Operating room flooring should be chosen so as not to pose a problem for operating room electronics. Accordingly, the types of hospital flooring based on the type of function are:
Antibacterial flooring
Antistatic flooring / Conductive flooring 
Anti-wear flooring
Antibacterial and anti-wear floorings is generally static electrical insulation and their use as operating room flooring is not recommended. However, these floorings can be used in wards, corridors, outpatient operating rooms and delivery rooms.
Antistatic floorings are classified according to their electrical resistance (conductive flooring, anti-static flooring / antistatic flooring) and by using them as operating room flooring can prevent damages to the operating room electrical equipment.
Easy movement of hospital equipment (stretcher, wheelchair, bed) on the surface of this floor facilitates the performance of hospital staff. Due to its good chemical resistance to all kinds of disinfectants, it is suitable for hospital cleaning programs. Also, since the adhesive is not used in the installation of antistatic / conductive polymer flooring and there is no space between the flooring and the concrete substrate, water does not penetrate under the flooring due to the washing operation.