Due to the increase in population in cities, as well as the increase in stores, shopping centers, and commercial entertainment complexes, the need for residential parking and multi-story car parks has increased in recent years. A suitable solution for this issue is to build large and multi-story car parks equipped with the best types of parking flooring systems, that not only improves the the well-being of clients but also also helps beautifying the environment. Also it is possible to use numerous signs such as numbering and guides throughout the parking floor. 
Basa Polymer parking flooring systems are resin-based, multi-layer, nonabsorbent and abrasion resistant. The parking flooring is integrated and seamless, and due to the its fast installation, this resin flooring will be ready for use in projects with time limits. Epoxy parking flooring can be installed on concrete, stone, and mosaic surfaces and has high abrasion and compressive strength. By using resin-based flooring ststems for car parks of a residential or commercial complex, the problems caused by the destruction of the underlying surface such as loose mosaic, broken stone, or the destruction of concrete and the resulting dust can be easily prevented.
It should be noted that to apply the parking flooring on concrete, the required thickness of concrete should be a minimum of 7 to 10 cm. Choosing reasonable-price flooring for large parking lots is one of the concerns of any contractor. The price per square meter of epoxy parking flooring, considering its easy maintanance is much compettetive than other floorings.

Advantages of epoxy flooring for car parking:

• Resin-based parking floors are highly resistant to oil and fuels.
• Abrasion resistance 
• strong adhesion of resin-based parking flooring to the substrate
• Preventing concrete erosion by installing parking flooring
• Resin parking flooring is nonabsorbent and impermeable.
• Wide color variation of parking floor
• Easy to wash and maintain parking floor