• Name : Bicycle Shop Flooring
  • Categories :Decorative And Parking Flooring
  • Place :Tehran
  • Date of Installation :2018
  • Project Area (sqm) :60

Project Requirements

The floor of the bicycle and sports equipment store was designed to create an asphalt-look bicycle track. The floor of this store had to be designed in such a way that a path like a bicycle track, completely rough with high resistance against slipping, was installed on the concrete in a short time. 

BASA Polymer Solution

The methyl methacrylate flooring system is selected for the store. MMA flooring is installed in a short time due to its very fast curing time. Also, in order to increase the resistance of the floor to slipping and to simulate the surface roughness of the bicycle track (asphalt), BASADUR QUARTZ was scattered on the surface of the flooring while installation. The MMA flooring of the bicycle shop with a thickness of 3 mm was installed in 1 day.

Used Products

Primer: BASADUR® M101
Body/Main Coat: BASADUR® M301
Top Coat: BASADUR® M501

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