• Name :Agah Bookstore Flooring
  • Categories :Decorative And Parking Flooring
  • Place :Tehran
  • Date of Installation :2016
  • Project Area (sqm) :55

Project Requirements

Renovation of Agah Bookstore flooring was done with the aim of designing a clean and modern environment for the customers. The bookstore flooring could make the space look brighter and bigger and it’s better to have a neutral color. Also, due to the movement of different people and leaving traces of shoes, the floor should be easily cleaned with a variety of detergents.

BASA Polymer Solution

The resin flooring chosen for the Agah Bookstore was a decorative epoxy flooring that was applied on mosaic substrate. Due to the integrity and lack of seams on the epoxy flooring, there are no problems such as dirty seams and joints. Also, the selected light color, in addition to increasing the visual beauty, makes the environment appear larger and brighter. Agah bookstore decorative epoxy flooring with a thickness of 1.5 mm was installed in 4 days.

Used Products

Primer: BASADUR® E101
Top Coat: BASADUR® E303