• Name :Alborz Flour Production Hall Flooring
  • Categories :Food And Dairy Industry
  • Place :َAlborz
  • Date of Installation :2019
  • Project Area (sqm) :200

Project Requirements

Renovation of the floor of the production hall of Alborz Flour Company, to create a durable resin floor, with a suitable lifespan and in full compliance with the health requirements of the Food and Drug Administration, was carried out by BASA Polymer. Due to the direct impact of flour production process on the health of its consumers, the floor of the flour production hall should be designed to be completely hygienic, integrated, and non-absorbent. It is suggested to use a flooring system with bright color so that any contamination present on the floor could be quickly observed and washed away. Also, the ease of moving wheeled equipment and the comfort of staff should be considered. The floor of the hall was always covered with flour, and this made it difficult to clean the floor every time. The floor of the hall was made of concrete and had several defects such as lowness, height, breakage, and cracking, which had to be eliminated before applying the resin flooring. 

BASA Polymer Solution

Due to the hygienic requirements, the resin flooring designed for the flour production hall was an epoxy flooring system, which is fully integrated, seamless, non-absorbent, and with the possibility of easy washing and installation. Because of the defects in the substrate, BASADUR® E102 primer, which has no solvent or odor, was used. The absence of solvent and high adhesion of this primer strengthened the concrete and minimized the possibility of separation of epoxy flooring from the substrate. The epoxy flooring color is cream with colored flakes.
After repairing the concrete defects and performing the substrate preparation steps, epoxy flooring with a thickness of 3 mm was installed in 6 days.

Used Products

Primer: BASADUR® E102
Body/Main Coat: BASADUR® E302
Top Coat: BASADUR® E303 (Self-Level)
Clear Top Coat: BASADUR® E401