• Name :Alzahra Hospital
  • Categories :Pharmaceutical And Hospitals
  • Place :Tabriz
  • Date of Installation :2014
  • Project Area (sqm) :650

Project Requirements

Renovation of AL Zahra Hospital Flooring in Tabriz was done in order to make a completely hygienic floor in compliance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health's Occupational Health Center. The previous flooring was mosaic and the new flooring should adhere well to that and do not delaminate due to the continuous cleaning program. The hospital flooring should have good abrasion and scratch resistance due to the constant traffic of the staff, clients, patients, and wheeled vehicles such as stretchers and wheelchairs. The ease of cleaning and disinfecting the floor to prevent the spread of various diseases and controlling the hospital infections were the other important criteria for choosing the hospital flooring. Designing and combining colors and drawing symbol signs on the ground is important to increase the visual beauty of the hospital and also the staff productivity.

BASA Polymer Solution

The resin flooring chosen for the different corridors, wards, and rooms of this hospital was seamless, completely hygienic, and antibacterial epoxy flooring with high abrasion resistance. This hospital antibacterial flooring prevents the growth and spread of pathogenic microorganisms and is easy to wash and disinfect with special detergents. For the purpose of designing the flooring, yellow and red lines with 10 cm width have been used. To increase the scratch resistance of the hospital flooring and make a semi-matt finish of the flooring surface, BASADUR® E401 clear varnish was applied on the final surface of the epoxy floor.
Finally, Alzahra Hospital flooring in Tabriz was installed with a thickness of 3 mm in 7 days.

Used Products

Primer: BASADUR® E101
Body/Main Coat: BASADUR® E306
Top Coat: BASADUR® E307
Top Coat: BASADUR® E401


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