• Name :Fast-Food Restaurant Flooring
  • Categories :Food And Dairy Industry
  • Place :Karaj
  • Date of Installation :2017
  • Project Area (sqm) :45

Project requirements

Renovation project of a fast food kitchen flooring started with the aim of providing durable resin flooring, with a suitable lifespan that could meet all the hygienic requirements. Due to the direct impact of cooking process on the health of people, the flooring installed in a kitchen must be designed to be completely in accordance with hygienic regulations (i.e. being seamless, easy to wash and disinfect, and non-absorbent). Due to the continuous cooking process and the spillage of food ingredients such as oil and sauces on the floor, it should be easily cleaned. Also, it is suggested that the color of the flooring be chosen in bright colors so that it was easy to detect all kinds of contaminants on it.

BASA Polymer Solution

Due to the hygienic requirements, an epoxy-based flooring system has been selected for this kitchen. the flooring is seamless, non-absorbent, and easy to wash and install on ceramics. The epoxy flooring color was cream with colored flakes. To improve the scratch resistance of epoxy flooring, a semi-matte transparent epoxy varnish was used in the final layer.
Finally, the kitchen flooring was installed with a thickness of 1.5 mm in 3 days.

Used products

Primer: BASADUR® E101
Body/Main Coat: BASADUR® E302
Top Coat: BASADUR® E307
Top Coat: BASADUR® E401