• Name :Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Warehouse
  • Categories :Pharmaceutical And Hospitals
  • Place :Tehran
  • Date of Installation :2018
  • Project Area (sqm) :1200

Project Requirements

Renovation of Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Warehouse was done using durable, seamless, and resin-based flooring. The floor of the pharmaceutical company warehouse should have good abrasion resistance. The old floor was made of concrete and failed due to the movement of heavy equipment such as forklifts and pallet jacks. Warehouse flooring that is posed to heavy traffics and impacts should have high resistance to abrasion, good impact resistance, and easy washing.

BASA Polymer Solution

According to the requirements of the project, slip-resistance epoxy-based flooring (quartz design) was selected as the resin flooring of Kharazmi pharmaceutical warehouses. Abrasion resistance and mechanical strength of this epoxy floor is high and suitable for heavy applications and traffic of all types of forklifts. In addition to the ease of cleaning and washing the floor with a variety of detergents and floor cleaners, this epoxy flooring protects the concrete floor of the warehouse against all kinds of impact and wear. After repairing the concrete defects and performing the substrate preparation steps, epoxy flooring with a thickness of 5.3 mm was installed in 6 days.

Used Products

Primer: BASADUR® E101
Body/Main Coat: BASADUR® E200
Top Coat: BASADUR® E306