Self-Levelling Flooring| Solvent-free|Antistatic|25%

BASADUR®-E325 is an antistatic and self-leveling two-component epoxy coating based on a modified epoxy resin of bisphenol A and a polyamine hardener with a surface electrical resistance in the range of 10^6Ω to 10^9Ω.
After surface preparation; the installation of the copper network, and installation of the antistatic primer, BASADUR®-E325 self-leveling antistatic epoxy coating is applied. The antistatic coating is self-leveling and after spreading it over the floor by a proper squeegee, a spiked roller is used to remove air bubbles and help it level better. The product has a good viscosity for easy installation and is economically viable with reinforcing fillers.
Note that due to the use of the copper network, it is recommended that the flooring substrate be leveled with the appropriate material as much as possible. It is recommended to use self-leveling epoxy coatings such as BASADUR®-E 302 and BASADUR®-E 303. The distances of copper grids depend on the required electrical resistivity and the dimensions of the room. From the copper network, suitable outputs are considered for connecting the antistatic flooring to the ground well of the building.
The use of BASADUR®-E 325 antistatic coating is common in places where there is a sensitivity to the accumulation of static electric charge and in order to prevent accidents or personal and financial losses.


Applications of antistatic epoxy flooring:

Hospital surgery rooms
Server and control rooms
Storage warehouse for explosives and chemicals
Packaging halls
Workshops for the production or repair of electronic equipment


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