Casting Binder | Solvent-free|Clear Coat
The BASADUR®-E 403 epoxy matrix is a two-component product consisting of a medium-viscosity transparent epoxy resin and a transparent polyamine hardener. This product is specially formulated for molding applications, making handmade wooden and decorative products, and resin artworks. The use of BASADUR®-E 403 transparent resin in thicknesses higher than few millimeters is feasible and will not cause problems such as turbidity of the made resin products. 
BASADUR®-E 403 epoxy matrix can also be used in manufacturing composite products and laminating in combination with polyester fibers. BASADUR®-E 403 epoxy matrix is a transparent epoxy resin and polyamine hardener mixture that can be used in making epoxy grout, repairing concrete break joints, and as a concrete adhesive when applying a new concrete over the old concrete surface.