Floor Coating | Solvent-based|Semi Matt

BASADUR®-E 707 is a colored epoxy coating for floor or top layer (top-coat) is used in resin floor systems with decorative applications. BASADUR®-E707 epoxy floor coating is a product based on modified epoxy resin and has an environmental curing system that is applied in thicknesses of 100 μm to 200 μm using wool rollers on concrete surfaces or epoxy flooring substructure. The surface coated with BASADUR®-E 707 has the final finish of semi-matte and orange peel skin.
 It is common to use this floor covering in light traffic applications as a sealing floor covering (after applying epoxy primer) and in decorative applications such as exhibitions, offices, commercial, educational and residential houses as the final layer of epoxy flooring. Also, if you want to create a design or line on the surface of epoxy or concrete flooring, you can use BASADUR®-E707 epoxy floor coating. In these cases, the use of self-leveling epoxy varnish BASADUR®-E 402 or epoxy varnish/floor coating BADADUR®-E 401 is recommended as a protective layer. 
BASADUR®-E 707 is specially designed for use on the floor of buildings and has a good abrasion resistance against the movement of people and light wheeled vehicles. And it is a good alternative to epoxy protective paints, which are often used for floor markings and wear away quickly.
It should be noted that BASADUR®-E707 epoxy floor covering can also have antibacterial properties if the customer needs it.