Floor Coating | Solvent-based|Chemical Resistant

BASADUR®-E 708 is an anti-acid floor coating based on modified epoxy resin and a mixture of amine and amidoamine hardeners that can be easily applied to surfaces with a wool roller.
BASADUR®-E 708 creates a thick coating of epoxy resin and provides high chemical resistance and stability. Other features of this flooring are semi-gloss surfaces and ease of cleaning. BASADUR®-E 708 anti-acid floor coating has good chemical resistance against most acids and acidic solutions. For detailed information on the chemical resistance of this product, contact the BASAPOLYMER experts.
BASADUR®-E 708 acid resistant floor coating can be applied on concrete, stone, mosaic and epoxy floors after proper surface preparation. Note that, the amount of consumption and the method of preparation of each surface may vary according to its conditions.
The two-component anti-acid floor coating system BASADUR®-E 708 is easily mixed and applied on the prepared substrate by rollers, and finally a floor with a very high abrasion and chemical resistance is created.
For more information and to get acquainted with the technical specifications of BASADUR®-E 708 anti-acid floor coating, you can download the technical data sheet of BASADUR®-E 708.

Packaging Weight

Small Package 10 Kg
Large Package 25 Kg