Floor Coating | Solvent-based|Semi Matt|Clear Coat

BASADUR®-E 401 is an epoxy clear floor coating based on modified epoxy resin and cycloaliphatic amine hardener. Epoxy varnish BASADUR®-E 401 is applied as a concrete sealant by using rollers after surface preparation and applying the primer.
This product is also used as an anti-wear/anti-abrasion protective top-coat in a decorative resin-based flooring system or epoxy flooring with medium and light traffic.
Protection from scratch and abrasion, easier washing and maintenance, orange peel textured finish, and being semi-matt are some of the benefits of using this product. Note that if the epoxy flooring has a design with colored flakes (mosaic design), it is necessary to use transparent epoxy varnish as a protector. Transparent epoxy varnish BASADUR®-E 401 is two-component and solvent-based and is applied using rollers in thicknesses of less than 100 μm as the final layer of an epoxy flooring system, especially in office and commercial applications.
By applying this transparent epoxy clear coat, the scratch resistance of epoxy flooring will be enhanced and it will be easier to clean. 
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