Primer| Solvent-based| General


Primer| Solvent-based| General

BASADUR®-E101 is a solvent-based epoxy primer with a polyamine hardener as the curing agent. This primer formulation contains solvent and therefore has a very low viscosity and great penetration power to the substrate, especially concrete. When using this product on porous concrete surfaces, the issue of solvent confinement should be considered.

BASADUR®-E101 primer provides maximum adhesion to the concrete surface. This primer can also be used on stone, mosaic, and ceramic surfaces. This epoxy primer penetrates the substrate to help the epoxy floor to adhere to the floor. In other words, the use of epoxy primer is essential to ensure maximum adhesion of epoxy flooring to concrete and other surfaces and its durability during use. By applying epoxy primer on the concrete, problems like peeling off and bubbling on the surface of the epoxy coating would be prevented. There are different types of epoxy primers. According to the floor conditions and the type of epoxy flooring required, a suitable epoxy primer should be used chosen. In general applications, the use of BASADUR®-E 101 primer is recommended due to its ease of application and excellent properties. Make sure that the substrate is well-prepared before applying the primer and that the surface is free of any dust, grease, and dirt. In the case of porous concrete, if after applying BASADUR®-E 101 primer, no film of primer was formed on the concrete surface, another layer of primer must be applied.


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