Middle coat| High Solid Content| General| 15%

BASADUR®-E 201 is a two-component Intermediate layer for epoxy-based flooring systems, based on epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. This product is in the form of flowing mortar that can be used in reinforcing various engineering structures. BASADUR®-E 201 can also be used as a mastic and intermediate layer for epoxy flooring and filling cracks and joints.

Medium viscosity and easy application of this product along with its economic price are the main features of this product. It should be noted that by mixing this product with fumed silica powder and making a paste-like mixture, it can also be used to apply mastic to fill cracks and surface unevenness.

Because of its medium viscosity, it has a high filler loading capacity;  and this product can also be used to make epoxy grout. 

Things to consider when preparing grout (resin mortar):

- Always test the grout in a limited space before applying it on large scale, and make sure the grout is suitable for your purpose. Due to the flowing behavior of the grout, the molding should be completely tight and sealed, and the distance between the mold and the edges of the metal plate should be at least deep.
- The grout should be applied on one side and the Anchor Holders should be completely clean and empty of water and the concrete surfaces should be dry.
- Metal surfaces in contact with the grout should not have rust.
- applying epoxy grout for each place should be done continuously and for this purpose, the necessary actions should be done beforehand.
- Avoid placing epoxy grout materials in the sun exposure and hot weather, and if the materials are warm, before mixing them, keep them in a cool place (above 15 ° C) for a while and avoid grouting in hot hours of the day.

It should be noted that since this epoxy middle coat is designed for the first layers of flooring systems, the colors that can be ordered from this product are limited. For information on BASADUR®-E 201 color and price, please contact our sales experts.