MMA Self levelling| 3-Component|Elastic

BASADUR®-M 302 is an MMA flooring body coat based on elastic methacrylate resin for use as an intermediate layer of quartz design resin flooring (broadcasted) for concrete, metal, and asphalt surfaces. The advantages of using this product include fast installation, impact and vibrational resistance, and high abrasion resistance in heavy traffic.
The technology used in the production of the MMA elastic body coat has made it one of the best options in environments with heavy traffic. One of the important things about resin flooring used in these environments is their resistance to wear. The purpose of designing self-leveling acrylate coating M302 in BASA Polymer is to achieve excellent abrasion resistance and greater strength while maintaining elasticity.
Another feature of BASADUR®-M302 PMMA Floor Coating that distinguishes it from other hard methyl methacrylate coatings is its ability to repel shock and possible stresses due to its elasticity. Therefore, it is recommended to use this product in places where the mechanical vibration of the equipment increases the possibility of damage to the flooring.
Also, due to its fast curing reaction and short pot life, this product can be installed in the shortest time.