Middle coat| High Solid Content| Damp Substrate

BASADUR®-E 200 is an Intermediate layer material for an epoxy flooring system, based on modified epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. This product has a high solid percentage and low VOC content. A small amount of solvent has been used to adjust the viscosity. This epoxy middle coat, BASADUR®-E 200, can be used as the repair material and grouting to be used on concrete, mosaic, and ceramic substrates. 
A remarkable feature of this product in comparison to other middle coat products such as BASADUR®-E 201 and BASADUR®-E 202 , is its very high adhesive strength to the substrate, especially in situations where there is a possibility of moisture present in the substrate. Its other advantage is the high curing speed which leads to shorter installation time. Because of its fast-curing speed, the installation of this middle layer product should be fast enough to prevent the product from gelling before the installation operation ends.
BASADUR®-E 200 is a two-component product and in order to prepare the material, the components must be mixed well with an appropriate mixing ratio according to its technical datasheet. It is recommended to use a drill mixer for mixing.