Primer| Solvent-Free| Polyamine| Damp-Substrate

BASADUR®-E 104 is an epoxy, solvent-free primer; and is specially designed for damp-substrate. This product is two-component, and because of its formulation, it can be used on fresh concrete surfaces or places where there is a possibility of moisture present in the substrate.

The high adhesion strength of this primer leads to its maximum resistance to surface blisters and delamination of the floor due to the presence of moisture in the substrate. However, blisters may occur if the moisture of the substructure is very high. 


Also, due to the absence of solvent in the formulation of this epoxy primer, the problems caused by air trapping inthe substrate will be eliminated. This primer also helps to reinforce the substrate by penetrating it.

It should be noted that because of the special formulation of this epoxy primer, its pot life is short, and therefore the contractor must apply the primer fast. To prevent rapid curing of BASADR®-E 104, prepare the material in small quantities. Avoid storing the prepared material in high volume in the bucket. 

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BASADUR®-E 104 epoxy primer is two-component and after mixing the two components with drill mixer, this product is ready to be applied on all types of concrete, stone, mosaic, ceramic, and metal surfaces. Epoxy primer BASADUR®-E 104 is applied using wool rollers.