Self-Levelling Flooring| Solvent-free|Pharmacuetical|20%

BASADUR®-E 303 Epoxy Coating is a two-component product based on modified epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. Because of its excellent self-leveling ability and very easy removal of air bubbles during the installation of this self-leveling epoxy coating, this product is recommended for use in pharmaceutical and clean room applications that are required to comply with the highest GMP standards. This self-leveling epoxy coating is applied to the surface after proper surface preparation and primer application using a squeegee and spiked rollers.
Although the main use of the BASADUR®-E 303 is as a self-leveling coating, this product can also be used as the base coat, making mastic, and coving applications. The excellent filler capability of this product has made it possible to use it in applying mastic and grout making.
Although BASADUR®-E303 is an epoxy self-leveling product, it can also be applied in thinner thickness using a wool roller, that would have an orange peel-like finish texture.

Download TDS: BASADUR®-E303