Self-Levelling Flooring| Solvent-free|Antistatic|20%

BASADUR®-E 326 is a self-leveling antistatic coating based on epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. This self-leveling epoxy coating is two-component and is used as the final layer/top-coat of the antistatic flooring system. The BASADUR®-E 326 formulation is designed to have surface electrical resistivity in the range of 10^6Ω to 10^9Ω. After proper surface preparation, placing a copper network on the floor, and applying antistatic primer, the installation of antistatic self-leveling coating can be started. This two-component product is easily installed, after preparing and combining the components in a proper mixing ratio, using a squeegee and spiked rollers. Using BASADUR®-E 326 antistatic coating is suggested in applications where there is a possibility of sudden discharge of static charge which could lead to accidents like starting a fire or damage to equipment.

Applications of antistatic epoxy flooring:

  • Control room flooring
  • Server room flooring
  • The warehouse flooring that is chemical or explosive storage
  • Hospital operating room and surgery room flooring
  • The flooring of the electronics components production hall