Self-Levelling Flooring| High Solid Content| General|15%

BASADUR®-E 301 is a self-leveling, epoxy coating with a polyamine hardener. This product, which is used as a self-leveling coating, is a two-component product and is suitable to use in car parks and industrial applications. 
Epoxy coating BASADUR®-E 301 has a high solid ratio, it is cost-effective and very easy to install. Similar to most self-leveling coatings, BASADUR®-E 301 is two-component; and after mixing the two components, in right weight ratio which is specified in the technical datasheets, it is applied by using a trowel and spiked roller. Proper surface preparation is essential to achieve a level and high-quality flooring finish.
Although the main use of this product is as an epoxy self-leveling coating, BASADUR®-E 301 can also be used as a seal coat, mastic, as well as epoxy putty, and grout.
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