Self-Levelling | Solvent-free | Clear Coat 

BASADUR®-E 402 epoxy clear coat is a self-leveling, 100%-solid, epoxy coating based on modified epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. This epoxy clear coat is two-component and after complete mixing of the two components, it is applied in thicknesses ranging 500 μm to 1000 μm, on epoxy flooring or concrete flooring as the top coat.
Transparent self-leveling epoxy coating BASADUR®-E 402 creates a completely smooth and glossy surface. In order to achieve the best adhesive strength, it is recommended to sand the previous layer of epoxy flooring using soft sandpaper. The final surface of the BASADUR®-E 402 self-leveling varnish is perfectly smooth and glossy.
When installing self-leveling epoxy clear coating, the use of a combed squeegee and spiked roller is recommended. Using this protective varnish is preferable where the substrate is perfectly level. Otherwise due to the self-leveling ability of the product, there is a possibility that the material will move towards the slope of the floor and the material will be piled up in these areas. If it is not possible to create a completely level surface in the substrate, BASADUR®-E 402 clear varnish can be used using a wool roller and in orange peel texture.
One of the most widespread applications of BASADUR®-E 402 epoxy varnish is the use of this epoxy varnish as a protective layer on epoxy flooring with decorated and color flake design, which is done in the lower layers of the design. Using BASADUR®-E 402 epoxy protective varnish, the underlying design will be protected from any abrasion, corrosive materials, or contaminants. 
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TDS-Self Leveling Clear Coat