Self-Levelling Flooring| Solvent-free| General|18%


BASADUR®-E 302 is a two-component self-leveling coating based on epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. This product is commonly used as a self-leveling coating with excellent filler loading capacity in industrial and parking applications. BASADUR®-E 302 can also be used as an intermediate layer of an epoxy flooring system or antistatic flooring system. BASADUR®-E302 can also be applied as the top-coat layer with an orange peel texture to increase the surface friction factor and safety. By adding Aerosil powder (fumed silica) to BASADUR®-E302 you can make mastic/putty to fill cracks and joints and apply covings.
Self-leveling ability, medium viscosity, and as a result excellent filler loading capacity and easy application of this product along with its economical price are the main features of this product.
For information on BASADUR®-E 302 available colors, you can refer to Selection guide or contact our sales expert.

Download TDS: BASADUR®-E302