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BASADUR®-E 102 is a solvent-free epoxy primer based on a modified epoxy resin with a mixture of amide and amine curing agents. This epoxy primer is a solvent-free product and therefore does not cause solvent trapping and problems associated when used on porous concrete substrates. Solvent-free primer BASADUR®-E 102 is used as the first layer in the epoxy flooring system where the flooring is required to have high adhesive strength and high mechanical properties. This epoxy primer is two-component, and after applying it on the concrete surface and spreading the quartz sand sporadically its adhesion strength to the next layers of epoxy flooring can be doubled.

BASADUR®-E 102 with a formulation that leads to rapid drying of the primer and makes maximum adhesion to the concrete surface. This product can also be used on mosaic, ceramic, and stone surfaces.

TDS Solvent-Free Primer