Supervision and Consultation

Supervision and Consultation
Supervision and Consultation
Due to the diverse product portfolio of BASA Polymer and the complexity in the installation of different types of resin floorings (epoxy, polyurethane, and MMA floorings), BASA Polymer's responsibility is to provide reliable services to customers and gain their trust. Hence, in the following, the specific items that are considered for customers are briefly stated:
• Scheduling time to visit clients' projects.
• Providing technical advice to choose the best resin flooring system based on customer needs.
• Designing the proper type of resinous flooring system based on the customer's need and the final application of flooring.
• Providing an accurate amount of flooring materials in accordance with system designed.
• Providing details in terms of the proper storage condition and use of products.
• Checking the necessary safety points during the installation of the project by the supervisor.
• Determining the exact time of starting the project and its duration.
• Providing whether the installation services or installation guidelines upon the customer’s request.

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